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Selecting a wallpaper in Windows 10 is an easy 3-step process.

How to Easily Customize Your Desktop

Are you tired of your current wallpaper? In Windows 10, selecting a theme, or desktop slideshow, is a seamless three-step process.

Recycle old technology and e-waste through in-store or online programs.

Tech Tip: Recycle Your Old Smart Phones

E-waste is any electronic device no longer being used. Recycle old technology, or e-waste, through recycling programs, selling or donating. 

Podcasts Killed the Radio Show

Just like radio shows, podcasts are episodic audio series. Instead of tuning into your favorite station, podcasts are downloaded to your device at any time.

A woman calls tech support for seniors for her laptop.

How Millennials Can Provide World Class Tech Support for Seniors

Top rated tech support for seniors consists of educating to empower, closing the gap, and building meaningful relationships.

Catfish use online dating sites to lure victims.

Online Dating: There’s Plenty of Phish in the Sea

A catfish poses as a different person online in chatrooms, social media sites and dating sites. They often ask for money or personal information.

Accounts may prompt you to change your password periodically.

Clean Up Your Computer Tip: Change Your Password

You should change your password at least once a year, as various forms of malware may have recorded it or you may have been affected by a security breach.

Seniors and tech scams were a hot discussion topic during the 2017 Senior Expo in Sandy, Utah.

Seniors and Tech Scams: Radio Interview with KTalk

Have you ever received a suspicious call from ‘tech support?’ Bask discussed trusted remote support for seniors and the rise of tech scams on KTalk.

After the Yahoo! breach, users should update their password.

How to Protect Your Info After the Yahoo! Breach

Over 1.5 billion users were affected by the Yahoo! breach. These steps will help you secure and protect your private information.

It's easy to connect Bluetooth speakers to devices.

Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to Your Smartphone

It only takes four simple steps to connect Bluetooth speakers to your smartphone, tablet or computer, perfect for any party or event.

Happy holidays from your Bask family.

Season’s Greetings from Your Bask Family!

Watch this special holiday greeting ecard from Bask, featuring friendly faces from around the company and sent with our best wishes and warmest thoughts.

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