Generations Card

Your Generations Card is a unique security card that helps prevent unauthorized people from accessing your computer.

Your Generations Card is a personalized identification card that allows you to verify a Bask Tech Advisor is contacting you. Bask provides this card to help you avoid being scammed. If you do not have a Generations Card, you can call or chat with a Tech Advisor to discuss adding one to your account.

Generations Card - Front

Generations Card - Back

Using Your Generations Card

Anytime a Tech Advisor needs to connect to your computer, ask them to give you the 6-digit Security PIN from your card. This allows you to confirm that a trusted Bask Tech Advisor is working on your device.  If the person cannot give you the Security PIN, they are not from Bask and you should not allow them to access your computer.

For your safety, and to help prevent scams, you should never share this number over the phone or on chat. Bask will never ask you for your Security PIN. Instead, our Tech Advisors will read the number to you.

Where to Keep Your Generations Card

There is one Generations Card per account. If you have multiple people on your account, you will need to keep your card in a place where everyone on the account can access it.

We recommend placing your card on your fridge with the Bask magnet that came with the card. You can also write down the Security PIN for each person on your account so they can keep the PIN in their wallet or with their computer. 

Lost Generations Card

If you misplace your Generations Card, you can always chat or call Bask at (866) 515-4865 and we will email you a replacement card for free.