Chapter 1

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a species of people called the Cloudimouse. They lived in peace and happiness. Their days were spent floating about the land, seeking out friends to play with.

The Cloudimouses’ only enemy were the Darkimouses. The Darkimouses had the ability to convert into scary, dark shapes.

Sometimes they released lightning from their underbellies. Sometimes they combined together in a whirlwind of pain and triumphant power. These powers were similar to hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning storms.

But as long as the Cloudimouses stayed in their own village, they would be safe from the Darkimouses’ power.

One day, a tiny Cloudimouse, named Cloud-Zeus, wished to travel the lands.

“Don’t go,” his mother exclaimed.

“The Darkimouses could be around any corner,” his friends warned.

But Cloud-Zeus would not be deterred. After traveling far and wide he came upon a mountain. This mountain was so large Cloud-Zeus couldn’t seem to float above it.

As Cloud-Zeus pondered what to do, a Darkimouse suddenly appeared! He struck furiously, shooting lightning from his underbelly in an attempt to drive Cloud-Zeus away.

However, Cloud-Zeus held strong and fought back against the Darkimouse. In his struggle, Cloud-Zeus discover a newfound gift: the gift of billowing song!

Though to you and I it sounds as simple as whistling air, Cloud-Zeus’ song caused the Darkimouse to cringe in pain as it was too joyous for his dark form.

As Cloud-Zeus continued to sing, realized it was causing the Darkimouse to release waters upon the land! Cloud-Zeus watched as the Darkimouse magically transformed into a Cloudimouse!

Over the next hour or so, the Darkimouse slowly became beautiful, white, cloudious being! He apologized for his behavior and followed Cloud-Zeus back to the Cloudimouse village.

After Cloud-Zeus revealed his newfound gift to his family and friends, they all set out to conquer the Darkimouses. Peace was once more found throughout the land.

So remember children, every time you are experiencing a storm, whether light or ferocious, a Cloudimouse is turning a Darkimouse into one of their own. When the storm is through, we can all look out into the sky and see them in their most beauteous form.

And if you listen close enough, you many even hear their song…


...of Chapter 1.