Title: Bask Rolls Out $5 Identity Protection Service

Heading (can be different than title): Bask Rolls Out $5 Identity Protection Service

Subheading: Complete Identity Protection for Multiple Family Members Can Be Added to Diamond and Platinum Memberships

Posted on May 28, 2015

<p><em>LEHI, UTAH (May 28, 2015)</em> — Bask, a US-based technology advisory company that helps families get the most from their Internet devices, introduced <strong>Total Protection Family Plans</strong> today. Bask Total Protection is a comprehensive service which includes identity monitoring, lost wallet assistance, and identity restoration. This service shields users from an ever-increasing number of online fraud scams, and it removes the burden of frustration if their online or real-world identities are ever compromised.</p> <p>“The freedom and lifestyle benefits available in our increasingly digital world grow richer every day,” said Seth Bailey, CSO of Bask (formerly known as iTOK). “Bask Total Protection makes it easier and safer than ever to reach out for them. Arming our members–and their families–with the services they need to prevent and minimize identity fraud is our priority.”</p> <p>The service comes standard for Bask Diamond and Platinum members, who can now add Total Protection for their families at <strong>$5 a month per identity</strong>. Diamond and Platinum memberships include:</p> <h4>ANYTIME ACCESS TO BASK’S U.S.-BASED TECHNOLOGY ADVISORS</h4> <ul><li>Access to friendly, expert Technology Advisors who diagnose computer issues, repair and optimize technology, and offer trustworthy advice for a healthy digital life.</li></ul><h4>BASK TOTAL IDENTITY PROTECTION</h4> <ul><li><em>Identity Monitoring:</em> Continuously scours thousands of websites, chat rooms and blogs to detect illegal trading and selling of personal information.</li><li><em>Lost Wallet Assistance:</em> Quickly cancels and replaces credit, debit and ATM cards.</li><li><em>Identity Restoration:</em> Saves many hours of stress and frustration with a comprehensive recovery service.</li><li><em>Total Protection Family Plans:</em> Protects additional family members for just $5 a month per identity. Includes all identity protection services described above.</li></ul><h4>BASK SECURITY SUITE, POWERED BY TREND MICRO</h4> <ul><li><em>Blocks Dangerous Websites:</em> Protects against viruses by identifying and blocking dangerous malware from websites, social networks, emails, and instant messages.</li><li><em>Guards against Identity Theft:</em> Detects spam emails and phishing scams that can trick customers into revealing personal information.</li><li><em>Protects Privacy on Social Media:</em> Identifies privacy settings on social sites that might expose personal information and facilitate identity theft.</li><li><em>Protects Kids Online:</em> Restricts online access for children, shielding them from inappropriate websites.</li></ul><h4>BASK DATA BACKUP, POWERED BY MOZY</h4> <ul><li><em>Cloud-based Backup:</em> Backs up and protects important documents, precious photos and videos from being lost.</li><li><em>Secure Data Loss Prevention:</em> Features world-class data management, data restores, and military-grade security.</li></ul><h4>REGULAR 90-DAY TUNEUPS</h4> <ul><li><em>Computer Optimization:</em> Bask members receive quarterly optimization services, when highly trained Technology Advisors clean and optimize devices for increased speed and system performance.</li></ul><p>For more information on <strong>Bask Total Protection Family Plans</strong>, visit: <a href="https://www.bask.com/total-protection" target="_blank" title="Bask Identity Protection" rel="noreferrer">www.bask.com/total-protection</a></p> <h4>ABOUT BASK</h4> <p>As a premier <strong>remote technology support</strong> company in the United States, Bask is dedicated to educating and protecting its members online. The company specializes its services to help families get the most from their computers and devices. Bask’s mission is to connect, improve and protect its members’ digital lives with comprehensive technology advising and support. For more information about Bask and its friendly, expert Technology Advisors, please visit the company’s website at <a href="https://bask.com/" target="_blank" title="Bask Home" rel="noreferrer">www.bask.com</a>.</p> <p><em>Contact:</em><br />1 (866) 515-4865<br />3400 N. Ashton Blvd. Suite 260<br />Lehi, UT 84043 USA</p> <p>###</p>