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Diagnosis & Computer Repair

Computer Repair & Diagnosis

Is your start-up screen full of pesky error messages? Are you having trouble staying connected to the Internet? Do programs not open or close responsively because your computer is bogged down by viruses? Don’t panic — it’s happened to everyone.

Computer problems crop up for all sorts of reasons. They range from minor annoyances like dark or discolored monitors to catastrophic failures of the operating system (like Windows’ infamous “Blue Screen of Death”). Sometimes you can find a way to work around the small problems or even just ignore them. But, if you don’t treat the source of the problem, it will grow worse over time, rendering your computer unusable.

Fixing It Right the First Time

At Bask, we’re not satisfied with simply making the problem disappear for a little while. We’re dedicated to complete computer repair. Like a good doctor, we get down to the core of the problem and research to understand what’s really causing it, so we can treat more than just the symptoms.

If your computer is acting strangely, call Bask right away for a free diagnostic scan. Our friendly, expert Technology Advisors will listen to your description of the issue and connect to your computer to look for possible causes. Once we’ve found the root of the problem, we’ll suggest a course of action to fix it and the cost for us to perform the work. But don’t worry — our diagnosis truly is free, and you have no obligation to purchase repair from us. Our fixes are priced affordably and competitively, with discounts for members, and of course, our 5-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Free Question & Answer Session
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Remote Support, Personal Service

Bask Technology Advisors deliver meaningful customer service, tailored for you. No computer repairs are performed without your understanding and approval, and you remain in full control of your computer while your Technology Advisor works. After the work is complete, we leave a full list of anything added, removed, or changed so you can be sure there are no unpleasant surprises. If the problem comes back within 5 days, call us back. You’re covered by our guarantee, so we’ll keep working until it’s gone for good.

Our goal is to improve your digital life so you can use your technology comfortably and confidently. If any repaired problem resurfaces, call us back and we’ll make it right. Our dedication to friendly service and expert computer repair means you get the best solutions, guaranteed. Call us today to get started!