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Online Backup


Online Backup & Protection for Your Important Data


Even when you try your best to preserve your computer and data, accidents happen. If your computer gets dropped, soaked by a spilled drink, knocked out by a power outage or some other disaster, your computer's memory could become corrupted — or stop working altogether. You lose valuable documents, precious photos and videos, and other important data.

Depending on the damage, there's a small chance to recover some of that data, but more than likely, it will be gone for good. Unless, that is, you've saved copies of it all on another device.

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What happens to your family photos and financial documents after flood or fire damage? Bask can protect your data with secure online backup. Learn more when you call us today for a free question & answer session, or schedule one here: Speak with a Bask Technology Advisor

There are many options for backing up your data, such as CDs, flash (USB) drives, external hard drives, and online backup services. Of course, physical backup methods face the same risks as your computer. For real peace of mind, most people these days turn to cloud backup, a fancy term for backing up your data online. It's secure, inexpensive, and automatic!

Bask will gladly help you set up and maintain the backup method of your choice, but we want to give you the best opportunity to keep your important files safe against loss and theft. To that end, Bask has partnered with IDrive to give our Members access to great cloud backup services with bank-level security.


Bask Data Backup, Powered by IDrive


Our online backup will not only store copies of your files on our remote servers, it will encrypt them so that only you can access them. Bask automatically backs up the folders you choose on a regular basis determined by you. You can back up just your Word documents on a weekly basis, or your entire computer monthly, or any configuration you'd like. Everything you back up will be completely secure, so you can rest easy knowing your files are protected in the event of catastrophe.


All-in-one Remote Tech Support Services


We offer complete remote tech support at Bask, so we can help you back up your data now and restore it after disaster strikes. Our Technology Advisors are available now, so call us whenever you have a need, and we'll get your computer back up and running in no time. If you're concerned about the security of your computer's data, it's easy to solve. Call us today to get started!