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System & Program Updates

Technology is always advancing and improving. Computers — and the programs that run on them — aren’t perfect, despite how much we wish they were. From time to time, companies will release updated versions of operating systems and software. These updates fix common issues and sometimes add new features to your computer. Updates are very important if you want your computer or device to remain safe and run at optimum speed.

Not All Updates Are Automatic

Some updates, such as certain updates for Windows, are downloaded and installed automatically, but many require your permission to start the process. In many cases, especially with apps and programs, you will have to seek out updates on your own. The updating process is usually simple, but sometimes it’s unclear what has been changed or improved. On the other hand, updates can change so much that the program you’ve grown familiar with becomes a stranger again.

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How Can I Update My Computer?

No matter what kind of concerns you have about program or system updates, Bask is here to help. Our Technology Advisors keep up with the latest versions of all major operating systems and most popular software used in the home. We can make sure you’re running the latest and best versions to meet your needs. If we find anything that’s out of date, we can find and install the updated versions, plus answer any questions you have about new features. We can also make sure that any automatic update services are turned on and set to your preferences.

Bask has been offering the best remote tech support since 2004, and we’re committed to giving you a great computer experience. Keeping your devices updated is a small but important part of getting the most out of them, and we’ll gladly help out. Our Technology Advisors are friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to work with you until you’re satisfied. Don’t get left behind; call Bask today at 1 (866) 515-4865 and Get Help Now!