Preventive Care

Whole Home Tech Support & Service for a Great Value
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Why Choose Preventive Care?

Bask’s Preventive Care membership goes beyond just fixing problems with your devices. We actively protect against and prevent threats to your devices. You’ll receive top-rated antivirus and malware software as well as 250GB of secure, online data backup. In addition to unlimited remote fixes of issues with your devices, our Tech Advisors provide assistance with transferring files, setting up a new computer or printer, and much more.

Call or chat with one of our U.S.-based Tech Advisors at any time. We’re available 24/7 to answer any question about any device in your home. You also receive our Personal Tech Coach and Scam Response services to help you feel comfortable and confident in today’s digital age.

Is Preventive Care Right For Me?

We recommend our Preventive Care package to members who value prevention and support at a reasonable cost. We meet their needs with top-rated antivirus, backup and regular tuneups, as well as live phone and chat support. The average Preventative Care member needs some guidance in basic computer tasks, and may want to learn new technical skills along the way

 *All memberships require a 3-month agreement.

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