Urgent Care

Unlimited Tech Support & Coaching for One, Low, Monthly Payment
Our Guarantee

Why Choose Urgent Care?

Bask’s Urgent Care membership gives you top-rated service and antivirus software. We’ll remotely fix any issues with your software or operating system on any 5 devices in your home whenever there’s a problem. This includes assistance resetting passwords, fixing a slow computer, removing malware and viruses from your computer, and more.

Whenever you have a problem, we’re here to help. You’ll have 24/7 access to our U.S.-based Tech Advisors through our quick, convenient online chat system. You also receive our Personal Tech Coach services to help you take full advantage of all your technology.

Is Urgent Care Right For Me?

We recommend the Urgent Care package for our members who want to keep their computer healthy, but may not need active assistance from a live tech advisor. We meet their needs with top-rated antivirus, self-help tutorials and unlimited chat support. The average Urgent Care member is proficient in basic computer tasks and appreciates low or no cost assistance.

 *All memberships require a 3-month agreement.

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