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To bring you the best in remote tech support and related services, Bask partners with trusted companies like Trend Micro and Mozy. We offer these additional services as part of your Bask membership at no extra cost, so we can go beyond simple troubleshooting and provide truly comprehensive digital protection.

Our Technology Advisors are on-call at all times to help you with any computer or device issue. Thanks to our service partners, we also protect you against malicious threats like viruses and data loss. Learn more about our trusted partners below.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro is an Internet security and antivirus company with over 25 years of experience in protecting their customers from online threats. Trend Micro is an award-winning market leader in cloud, virtual, and computer security that strives to provide smart and simple safety that fits the home and small business. Trend Micro offers a range of Internet security and antivirus options and powers the Bask Security Suite. You can depend on Trend Micro Titanium to protect your computer from viruses, malware, and suspicious websites.


Mozy is an industry leader in online computer backup software. It provides military-grade security and world-class data management to protect your computer and online files from loss. Mozy’s innovative service not only stores copies of all your important files, but it secures those copies behind military-grade passwords so that only you can access them. Through our partnership with Mozy, we can provide services tailored for the home and for businesses of all sizes. You gain free access to the power behind Bask Data Backup as part of your plan. With MozyPro in your digital toolbox, you can stop worrying about losing your precious digital photos, emails, personal information, and anything else you keep on your computer.

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