Friday Linkapalooza January 16, 2014

Happy Friday! Start your weekend off right with fun articles and videos collected by your friends at iTOK in this week's Friday Linkapalooza. Enjoy!
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Jan 16, 2015

Happy Friday! Start your weekend off right with fun articles and videos collected by your friends at Bask in this week's Friday Linkapalooza. Enjoy!


Check out Samsung's flame-less LED stove.

Could this one simple gadget charge all of your devices wirelessly?

This simple bracelet suggests that smartphones in the future could consist of touch screens—projected on your wrist!


Recognizing the ever present danger of cyber crime, President Obama is working to increase penalties for hackers and online thieves.

Funding is in place for the construction of the world's biggest digital camera, a device intended to take detailed pictures of the night sky. The camera is expected to weigh 3 tons (about the size of a compact car) and take some of the most detailed photos of space ever seen.

Citizens of Boston can now use a mobile app to pay for parking tickets.


The e-Dura implant could help paralyzed people walk.

Have you ever wondered how exactly blood tests play into medical research?

Personal genetics research firm 23andMe will partner with Pfizer, sharing their research and data with the pharmaceutical company.


Last Sunday night, the Hollywood Foreign Press awarded Golden Globes to the best in film and television this year. Historically,'s original series Transparent won two Globes—Jeffrey Tambor as Best Actor, and then for Best Comedy Series., Netflix, and Hulu are all content streaming services offering original programming online as an alternative to traditional television.

Speaking of award shows, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced their official list of Oscar nominees this week. The awards telecast is scheduled for February 22.


Earlier this week, we shared a few simple New Year's Resolutions to help you feel a little more tech savvy.


At California's Aquarium of the Pacific, the penguins get a kick out of playing with the iPad...