Friday Linkapalooza - July 3, 2015

Start your weekend off right with fun articles and videos collected by your friends at iTOK in this week's Friday Linkapalooza. Enjoy!
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Jul 03, 2015

Happy Friday! Start your weekend off right with fun articles and videos collected by your friends at Bask in this week's Friday Linkapalooza. Enjoy!


With fossil fuels becoming ever-scarcer, car companies are looking at inovative ways to survive. See which Japanese companies have all committed to developing green technology.

Cracked phone screens are the bane of every smartphone user. But is it possible that your phone screen could one day repair itself?


U.S. Congress declared June to be National Internet Safety month. Now that the month is over, what are the things that we have learned?

Is online security a fundamental American right?

As our world gets ever smaller, Russia is considering building a superhighway across the Bering Strait that would connect Russia to Alaska.


Could science hold the key to unlocking the secrets of the heart?

Should genetic testing become mandatory for everyone?


Curious to learn more about the man behind the Apple empire? Universal just released a trailer to their new Steve Jobs biopic, staring Michael Fassbender

These stunning pictures of exotic animals staring straight into the camera will give you a new appreciation for wildlife photography.


Jane is up to her eyeballs in wedding plans. Will Jason convince her to let him take all the photos on his smartphone and post them on Instagram?

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