Protect IP and How it Breaks the Internet

Protect IP strives to stop individuals from downloading illegal content. The government would be able to sue websites they feel are not filtering properly.
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Dec 08, 2011

A lot of buzz has been going around about the new Protect-IP Bill. It is being debated in the Senate right now and it is important that everyone that uses the Internet understands how this bill will affect the way that the Internet works.

The ambiguous wording throughout the bill would allow the government to…

  • Make US Internet providers block access to infringing domain names
  • Sue US based search engines, directories or even blogs and forums to have links to these dangerous sites removed
  • Cut off funds to infringing websites by having US based advertisers and payment services cancel those accounts

Although the bill is striving to stop individuals from downloading illegal content, users will simply be able to type in the IP address rather than the websites name and continue downloading. The government will be able to start suing any website that they feel is not doing the filtering properly. This power could be very detrimental to the startup businesses on the Internet.

Social media sites may even become targets. Social media sites will become responsible for what their users are saying and could be shut down if an individual posts something that infringes on any type of copyrighted material.

Protect-IP is going to inhibit free speech on the Internet. The Internet has been a catalyst for many social movements and social changes in recent years. If protect IP is passed, the Internet platform will change dramatically.