Smartphone Comparison: iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy

Are you buying your first smartphone or contemplating a switch? iTOK's smartphone comparison can help you choose between iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy.
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Aug 02, 2013

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Finding the right smartphone for your needs is not always easy. So many options are available, but the best product will depend on how you plan to use it. When you are looking at the iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy, comparing the benefits and disadvantages of each phone can help. We decided to take a look at the top 5 pros and top 3 cons of the world's most popular smartphones.

Top 5 Benefits of the Apple iPhone

When you're comparing phones, it's important to start with each one's advantages compared to its alternative. The benefits of the iPhone include:

  • Apple's reputation for high quality, well-designed products
  • A smaller size which fits easily in most hands
  • A lighter overall weight
  • User-friendly, simple and intuitive interface
  • Large number of applications in the App Store

Top 5 Benefits of the Samsung Galaxy

Although the iPhone does have many benefits, the Samsung Galaxy is a strong competitor because of benefits which make it ideal for different buyers. The benefits of the Samsung include:

  • Typically less expensive than iPhone
  • Larger phone means larger screen size
  • High-definition screen
  • Variety of keyboards and typing options
  • Android OS is more open-source than iOS

Top 3 Downsides of the iPhone

While the benefits show that the two phones are comparable in many ways, shoppers must consider the downsides as well. The disadvantages of the iPhone include:

  • A smaller screen size which may not appeal to every individual, especially if accessibility is an issue
  • Restrictions on changing the keyboard or typing options
  • Lower resolution (lower number of pixels per square inch)

Top 3 Downsides of the Galaxy

Despite the benefits of the Galaxy, it does have some downsides to consider in comparison to the iPhone. The disadvantages of the Galaxy include:

  • Cheaper materials that can chip and scratch
  • A larger overall size that is not comfortable for every user
  • More complicated interface that takes time to learn

Making the Decision

Both device brands have upsides and pitfalls to consider before making your final decision on which to purchase. Overall, when comparing the iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy, both smartphones are a popular choice for consumers and there is no definitive "right" answer -- just one which likely works better for your individual needs.

The iPhone has the same user-friendly interface that makes it easy to move from one iOS device to the next without getting lost in a jumble of new concepts. The Samsung Galaxy has evolved over time, but it's more open to innovations which appeal to many individuals.

Aesthetically, the iPhone is usually given more praise because it uses high quality materials. The Samsung Galaxy does not always use the same high quality materials, so it may be necessary to replace the back cover if it gets cracked or chipped.

In most aspects, the iPhone and Samsung smartphones are comparable. They both have applications that are useful or entertaining. The key to picking out the right phone is weighing the pros and cons, and then holding the phone to determine if it is comfortable. The final decision for either the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy will depend on personal preferences and comfort.

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