Tech Tips: Minimize or Maximize Windows

If you use your computer often, it's easy to end up with lots of windows open. Learn how to minimize & maximize windows, so you can stay organized!
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Oct 14, 2014

How to Minimize or Maximize Windows

Sometimes when you have several application windows open, it's easy to forget which windows are open. Use this nifty trick to minimize your current window and see what you've got open underneath.

Hold down the Windows key, and tap the down arrow key once and twice. You'll see the window you're using get smaller and then disappear. But, it doesn't really disappear -- it's been minimized, meaning you can access it from the toolbar at the bottom of your desktop. When you're ready to go back to work in that window, move your cursor to the application icon in your toolbar and click on it once. Wasn't that easy?

If you open your window back up and you want to maximize it, hold down the Windows key and tap the up arrow key once, and the window will fill your screen. Simple as that.

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