Technologies to Keep Your Pet Safe

Lost pets are a common occurrence. Finding them, however, has always been difficult. Fortunately, today there are several technologies to keep your pet safe.
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Jun 15, 2015

Pets are often an important part of the family. For grandparents and parents who are empty nesters, these pets can become as dear as their own children, providing the companionship they crave on a daily basis. Unfortunately, these beloved animals do not always stay at home.

The American Humane Association estimates that 1 out of 3 pets become lost at some point, with over 10 million dogs/cats lost (or stolen) each year. It doesn’t matter if you accidentally left the door open or if your furry friend ran through a loose board in the fence, the loss of a pet can be devastating. And it’s important to track them down as quickly as possible.

In the past, searching for your pet usually meant lost posters stuck to a telephone pole or driving around your neighborhood with the hope that you will cross your animal’s path. It relied heavily on the goodwill of strangers and a lot of blind luck. Fortunately, today there are several technologies that can help you reunite with your pet.


One of the top tools for reuniting lost pets with their owners is the microchip. The microchip is a small electronic chip enclosed in a small glass cylinder. The whole technology is about the size of a grain of rice. It is implanted under the skin of your dog or cat with a needle (just like a normal vaccination shot) and once activated, the microchips emits a radio frequency that transmits the unique ID number of the dog or cat.

This ID is extremely helpful if your animal is taken to a shelter. After the workers scan the microchip and receive the ID number, they can call the manufacturer in order to get contact information for the owner. Microchips are good for the life of your animal, so you never have to worry about it not working or needing to be replaced. Just make sure that you keep your contact information up to date with the microchip manufacturer.

While microchipping is not a perfect technology, it does greatly improve the odds of your pet being returned to you. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association only 22% of all lost dog are reunited with owner. However, the numbers rise with dogs implanted with microchips, with over 52% making it home. The numbers are even better with cats, with the percentages jumping from a dismal 2% to an encouraging 38%. As the technology improves (and the cost lowers), microchipping is a great tool to help you find your lost pet.

GPS Tracking Collar

Of course, sometimes your pet doesn’t end up at a shelter. Whether he likes to wander off on his own or if he is picked up on the street by a passerby, one of the best ways to immediately find your pet is with a GPS tracking collar.

This technology takes a rechargeable GPS module and attaches it to your pet’s collar. There are many ways that it can help you keep track of your pet. The first is that the collar will send you text messages and emails with updates about his location. The second is that the collar allows you to establish a “safe” area for your pet (such as your house or backyard) and will send you an alert whenever he may leave it. The third is that it will monitor your pet’s activity, rest, and temperature, allowing you to see whether or not he is getting enough exercise. All of the information is easily accessible through an app on your smartphone or tablet.

The biggest problem with the GPS tracking collar is that, like all collars, it can fall off or be removed. However, when it is combined with microchipping and other safety features (such as dog tags with up-to-date contact information), it can go a long way in making sure that you never lose your pet again.

Your dog or cat can complete your family. They give you some one to take care of, someone to love, and someone to love you in return. To keep your pet safe at home, consider using the newest pet identification technologies. Each one can help you be reunited with your beloved animals whenever they are lost.