Top 10 Best Computer Tech Videos on YouTube

The 10 best computer tech videos that can help you with some of the most common computer problems and some that will just make you chuckle.
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Jul 06, 2011

Top 10 Best Computer Tech Videos on YouTube

We all have a love-hate relationship with computers; we love them when they’re working for us but when they’re not, our world comes crashing down. Knowing this, we’ve compiled a gallery of 10 of the best computer tech videos on YouTube – a collection of IT videos that can help you with some of the most common computer problems and some that will just make you chuckle.

1. Computer Basics
Starting with some of the simpler concepts, Chris Noble, an independent IT consultant from the UK has posted a number of helpful videos that guide you step-by-step through some computer basics such as how to attach pictures to your email, how to get your slow computer back to speed, how to clean a plasma screen, etc. He does a great job of breaking the processes down with intuitive graphics and his easy-to-trust British accent.

2. Why is My Mac Running Slow?!?!
Topping the list as one of the most robust computer tech videos on YouTube is this gem by MacForMusicians. Most notably impressive for its professional production value, the narrator also has a very personable yet thorough way about him and will certainly help you answer the question of Why is My Mac Running Slow?!?!

3. Fix Your Slow PC - Virus Spyware Removal
If a computer virus has your computer in a chokehold, this is the definitive video for your woes. Brought to you by Mahalo, a computer tech resource with 8,131 videos and growing, this beefy instructional video shows you all you need to know about identifying and removing harmful viruses from your computer.

4. How to Keep Your Computer Running Fast & Smooth
The best way to keep your computer running fast and smooth is consistent maintenance. Brought to you by Britec09, a helpful IT resource with 322 videos, this well-produced reel offers up a computer maintenance solution that, if done regularly, can be a powerful preventive measure in keeping your computer from bogging down.

5. How to Troubleshoot a Crashing Computer
Okay, he’s not necessarily Mr. Personality but Dave Andrews hosts a series of Computer Help videos that are far from exciting but certainly thorough. While this particular video addresses the issue of how to trouble shoot a crashing computer, he has many other segments on YouTube that cover a plethora of the most common computer problems.

6. Trouble Shooting
Ignore the hissing wind and low production value and simply focus on the empowering message of this video – if computer problems have got you down, take the power into your own hands and confront the problem head-on.

7. Computer Solutions
Computer Solutions is an extremely informative IT series brought to you by Appealing for their short and to-the-point messaging, the group offers a variety of helpful videos on many topics of trouble, such as, protecting your information on your hard drive and remedying slow system startup.

8. Automatic Geek
Have you exhausted your patience with your machine? Are your screams of frustration not solving the issue? Although this video doesn’t really offer any helpful information on how to fix a computer on your own, it will make you laugh and ultimately remind you that computer repair experts are just a click or a phone call away.

9. How to Set Up a WiFi Network
When your Internet provider leaves you all alone to set up your wifi network, just turn to this video. Brought to you by General Computer Help (host of 1,449 videos and counting), this guide is extremely helpful in walking you through the deceptively complicated process of establishing your own wifi network and password.

10. Computer Repair with Chris D’Angelis
Leaving you with something light hearted, please look past the poor production quality of this homemade instructional video and simply enjoy the raw humor. Computer Repair with Chris D’Angelis is not your ticket to becoming a self-made computer repair technician but it will absolutely bring you a moment of Zen when your computer has your blood boiling.