Bask in the News: Tech Experts Identify 10 Mistakes Scammers Make

Common red flags support scams use to fool consumers into paying high amounts or providing personal information, based off a real phone call.
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Dec 13, 2016

Bask, the leading remote home technical support service, handles hundreds of calls regarding support scams every day. In response to this, the company is issuing an advisory to not just their members, but the general public regarding the rise of technical support scams.

A support scam is an attempt to fool consumers into purchasing either fake, ineffective or infected programs under the assumption it will better their computer or fix nonexistent problems, such as viruses.

“It is heartbreaking when we hear one of our members have fallen for an impostor tech support company,” said Clancey Dollard, the director of service delivery at Bask. “We have heard everything from impossible problems like their printer having a virus to very real sounding issues like their computer needs a critical update.”

Dollard estimated approximately one third of his staff’s daily call volume involves scams. He recently called a real, suspicious tech support company and recorded the call, which can be viewed here.

The phone call gave insight to the process fraudulent tech businesses use to fool consumers. From this, along with testimonials from their members, Bask outlined 10 red flags to look for during a conversation with a scammer.

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