10 of the Most Annoying Computer Commercials of All Time

Read the countdown for worst computer commercials ever made- from annoying characters to overdone cliches, this list has them all.
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Mar 30, 2011

We’ve all seen our fair share of commercials in our day and while some of them can make us chuckle or even cry, there are always those few that make our blood boil with irritation or simply have us questioning why!?! Below is a gallery of annoying computer commercials that are sure to have the same affect.

1. Loud Announcer Guy
It doesn’t really matter what the product is, any time there is an alarm clock or a “loud announcer guy” on a commercial, that causes the viewer to reach for the remote, it’s a fail. Although this commercial is clearly satirizing “loud announcer guys” in advertising, whether they like it or not, they’ve created an insanely annoying commercial and therefore become the exact thing that they mock.

2. Anything Flo
OK, this is more of an “online service” than a dedicated computer commercial, but anything involving the Flo character from Progressive Insurance belongs on a list of most annoying commercials. Of course, in this case, because she’s browsing on a computer, her irritating antics have landed her a spot on this list. Just say no to Flo!

3. The Dell Dude
Somewhere in the late 90s and early 2000s, the Dell computer company launched an ad campaign with the tagline, Dude You’re Getting a Dell. If that tagline wasn’t annoying enough, the spokesperson was a young man – probably from a well-to-do L.A. family – posing as the Spicoli-simpleton-surfer type. The kid and his character were far from convincing and the patronizing lack of authenticity was tooootally annoying.

4. High Jump Software
Kudos to this High Jump Software commercial for spoofing the quintessential sleazy salesmen that they are competing against, but a big strike 1, 2 and 3 for the awkward acting. What is so annoying about this commercial is that the computer salesman nails it but the other actors (who are obvious owners of the company just trying to get their face on camera) absolutely drop the ball and make the rest of the commercial utterly detestable.

5. I’m Lauren and I’m a PC
While the debate between Mac and PC may rage on forever, this pro PC commercial sparked some major computing controversy and has Mac users annoyed – to say the least. Lauren, who was supposedly selected at random, was told to find her ideal laptop for under $1,000. After finding nothing in that range at the Mac store, she comes to find that her options are endless at a PC retailer.

What makes this commercial maddening is the fact that it has been proven that Lauren is actually a professional actress, she never actually walked into the Mac store to see her options and finally, she made it personal when she’s quoted in the commercial saying, “I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person.” Probably true.

6. HP Student Film
Although this appears to be a student film that’s emulating an HP advertisement, it still sends contemptuous chills down the spine. There’s something about the 20 year-old dressed as a crotchety old woman, repeating Adam, Adam, Adam, that doesn’t sit right – not to mention the two college-aged guys that appear to be on a forbidden play date of sorts.

7. Are You Kidding Me?
It’s amazing how such a poorly produced commercial is filled with such unjustified confidence and swagger. The Comp Guy USA computer repair company down in Fort Lauderdale, FL has managed to put together this low budget commercial that annoys on a big budget scale. Aside from the unnecessary use of frak’n (more than once), it also randomly and shamelessly showcases sexy females as if they’re going to be the ones repairing your computer – very annoying.

8. Funny Computer Commercial - WHERE?
This computer commercial is innocent enough – a small local business that has produced a humble commercial to boost sales – no bells, no whistles, no harm done. Yes, the acting is certainly novice but that’s not the problem. The annoying part is the fact that the title of the video on YouTube is “Funny Computer Commercial” … a bit presumptuous considering at no point does this commercial even hint at humor.

9. Advertising FAIL
Advertising is both an art and a science that is best left up to the professionals; therefore, when a local company attempts to save a few dollars by tackling this task on their own, the results can be a train wreck. Cue the commercial. Someone in a computer repair boardroom probably thought this idea was gold, instead, they’ve created something that is trying reeeaaally hard but faaaiiiling miserably.

10. Mr. Personality
This computer commercial might not even require an explanation as to why it’s annoying but, for the sake of consistency, it’s the spokesman. Maybe it’s his delivery, maybe it’s the fact that the fancy second angle has him talking into space but, when all is said and done, he’s not necessarily Mr. Personality and this commercial does him, and his company, little justice.