5 Questions to Ask Before Upgrading Your Operating System

Looking to take advantage of the new Windows 10? To help you prepare , here are 5 questions to ask before upgrading your operating system.
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Jul 13, 2015

With Windows 10 being released on July 29th and the recent release of the OS X El Capitan beta, there is currently a lot of buzz around upgrading your operating system. Before you click the “I agree” button, it is important to make sure you are fully prepared for the change. To help you prepare, here are 5 questions to ask before upgrading your operating system.

Question #1: Can my hardware handle the system requirements?

Every new operating system has specific hardware requirements. This includes the speed of the processor, the amount of free space on your hard drive, the size of your RAM, and your type of graphic card. If your computer does not meet the requirements of the upgrade, then it is not compatible with the new operating system.

Question #2: Is my software compatible with the new operating system?

As the operating system technology advances, they tend to be compatible with newer software. So if you have a program that you love to use that is really old, it is important to make sure that it will run on your new operating system. Otherwise you will need to upgrade your software as well as your operating system.

Hint: Before any major Windows or OS X upgrade, most software companies send out an update to help ensure compatibility. Make sure that you upgrade all your programs to help make the upgrade as seamless as possible.

Question #3: What are my expectations for the new operating system?

There are many great reasons to upgrade your operating system. Not only do you get access to all the new features, but you also get to take advantage of cutting edge security features. However, most operating systems go through a “growing period.” This is a time when problems pop up that weren’t worked out during development and testing. You need to either be prepared for these potential problems or be willing to wait for an updated version where they have fixed many of the bugs.

Question #4: Do I have a backup?

Most operating systems happen seamlessly. You click the buttons, the program runs, and then your new operating system takes over your computer. However, there are many instances where a glitch in the install wrecks havoc on your computer. It is always wise to do a full backup of your system before upgrading in order to ensure that none of your precious documents, images, videos, or music get lost in the transfer.

Question #5: Do I know where to go for help?

Are you unsure about the answers to questions 1-4? Do you feel overwhelmed by the upgrading process? Have you started to upgrade your operating system only to run into a problem? Your Bask Technology Advisor is standing by to help guide you through the upgrading process. Not only can he install the upgrade on your computer for you, but he can explain your new operating system and answer any questions that you might have.