Friday Linkapalooza - July 10, 2015

Start your weekend off right with fun articles and videos collected by your friends at iTOK in this week's Friday Linkapalooza. Enjoy!
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Jul 10, 2015

Happy Friday! Start your weekend off right with fun articles and videos collected by your friends at Bask in this week's Friday Linkapalooza. Enjoy!


Is it possible that one day a smartphone app will be able to change the color and style of your sneakers?

Will the new iOS 9 live up to Apple's promises?

Friday marks the first electric plane to fly across the English Channel.


Is your identity safe? Reports are showing that the recent hack of the U.S. government may have put as many as 21.5 million social security numbers at risk.

What does this weeks breakdown of United Airlines, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Stock Exchange say about our society's dependency on technology?

As we celebrate Shark Week, a look at all the computer programs and apps that can have you swimming with a Great White.


Ever wonder what it's like to be in a coma? In this video, Claire Wineland speaks of her experience of being put in medically-induced coma to help combat her cystic fibrosis.

It's almost time for Comic-Con! How can you make sure you stay healthy during this (or any) convention?


Actress Patti LuPone takes away a cell phone from an audience member who was texting during her performance.

A look at how the New York Public Library is working to bridge the digital divide.

Has Internet streaming services taken us into the Golden Age of post-television?


Jane's granddaughter Anna has come to visit! And she is super smart. What sort of games and apps does Anna have on her tablet to keep her learning all summer long?

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