5 Computer Mistakes Everyone Makes

Though technology is becoming easier all the time, accidents still happen. Here are 5 of the most common computer mistakes we see every single day.
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Mar 02, 2015

Everyone makes mistakes! And it's no surprise that many of those mistakes happen on our computers. Though technology is becoming easier all the time, accidents still happen. At Bask, here are 5 of the most common computer mistakes we see every single day.

Mistake #1: Putting too much faith in your security software.

Most people know to install security software (such as an antivirus program). However, it's not enough to simply put the program on your machine--new threats are found online every single day! For this reason, it's wise to update and run your security software regularly. After all, if your software isn't continuously working to protect your computer, you're leaving yourself open to a wide array of attacks.

Mistake #2: Using weak passwords.

Passwords allow you to safely store and access your personal information on many different websites. However, many of us choose weak passwords. Then we compound the problem by using the same password for every account (including emails, bank accounts, social media, shopping sites, and more). You should always set a strong password (a combination of letters, numbers and special characters works best) that is not easy to guess--so no birthdays or loved ones' names. Have several different passwords that you use to protect all your different accounts. And never, ever, store those passwords on your computer. Remember, your accounts are only as safe as your passwords are secure.

Mistake #3: Clicking on bad stuff.

We've all done it, tricked into clicking by clever ads and hidden traps. Some websites lure you in with promises that are too good to be true: "Get a $100 gift card by clicking here!" or "Lose 50 pounds in 5 days!" These typically redirect the clicker to a site that infects your computer. You should also be on the lookout for shady links or attachments in emails, as they can be very dangerous. It's prudent to think before clicking--and then think twice.

Mistake #4: Plugging your computer into a power strip.

You might believe a power strip is the same thing as a surge protector. It's not! A power strip simply provides you more room to plug in all of your devices. A surge protector actually safeguards against the voltage fluctuations that can physically destroy your equipment. These fluctuations can happen at any time, not just during a storm. It's easy to protect all your devices against devastating electrical damage by plugging them into a surge protector. This single action can save your devices from preventable harm.

Mistake #5: Not backing up your data regularly.

If you lost all your documents and pictures, would you be able to replace them? What about all your stored bookmarks, passwords, installed software and settings? Though most people have priceless documents and information on their computers, many fail to protect them with regular data backups. If you're wondering what you should back up, simply ask yourself this question: If someone wiped everything off my computer tonight, what would I be sad to lose? The answer to that question (be it documents, pictures, audio files, or others) will let you know what you should back up. So do it, and do it often!

These are common mistakes that are easily made. Luckily, their consequences are preventable, and all of them can be learned from. Before that happens, though, get ahead with this savvy advice!

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