Friday Linkapalooza - August 14, 2015

Start your weekend off right with fun articles and videos collected by your friends at iTOK in this week's Friday Linkapalooza. Enjoy!
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Aug 14, 2015

Happy Friday! Start your weekend off right with fun articles and videos collected by your friends at Bask in this week's Friday Linkapalooza. Enjoy!


Are you a Mozilla Firefox fan? The newest version offers greater security and a more Windows 10-friendly experience.

Love the easiness of e-readers, but get a headache from the text on the screen? Amazon has widely released the Bookerly font, which is specifically designed to make reading on the Kindle screen (both Kindle device and Kindle app) a more pleasurable experience.


Ever dreamed of seeing a wild elephant up close? This hungry herd regularly walks through a hotel lobby in Eastern Zambia in order to get to a mango tree on the other side.

Google made a huge announcement on Monday, introducing its new umbrella company Alphabet. Will this new structure be a positive or negative move for the tech giant?


Could wearable technology change the future of health and fitness?

Telemedicine is becoming ever more popular. But will this new technology extend the convenience of virtual doctor visits to your pets?


National Geographic recently took an in depth look at the chameleon. Check out this video to see how all of its amazing features work together to make one unique animal.

Can a 3D printed electronic violin sound as good as an original Stradivarius?


Jane's daughter Elinor is home to heal from her broken engagement. But when her "cheer herself up" project involves putting Jane on online dating sites, will Jane stick to her goal of doing everything she can to keep her daughter happy?

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