Friday Linkapalooza September 19, 2014

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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Sep 19, 2014


The Apple iPhone 6 and 6+ are available in stores today. A number of critics are weighing in on both phones.

Not to be left out, Amazon has announced two new additions—the Voyage, and a touchscreen Kindle—to it’s line of Kindle e-readers.

Ringly is a line of high fashion rings that can connect to your smartphone and let you know if you have a text or email message.

The Palate smart grill claims to be able to cook just about any kind of food, and can be controlled by your smartphone.


“What does the Chief Technology Officer of a country do?”

British schools are beginning to teach kids coding—code is the language programmers use to write computer programs—as young as age five.

Apple has announced that they will no longer unlock customers’ iPhones and iPads at the request of government officials.


A French biotechnology company called Carmat has announced that they have fabricated the latest artificial heart, the first to combine synthetic and organic materials.

Can technology play a part in the future of chronic disease patients and their disease self-management?

The Sleepio smartphone app hopes to improve users’ sleep patterns.


Here are some fascinating images of ordinary objects as they appear under a microscope.

A songwriter has created an original song using the YouTube videos of other musicians. The effect is really cool. Give it a listen:

A flutist playing in a competition successfully completes her performance—even after a butterfly lands on her face mid-song.


How about some adorable Dachshund puppies playing with a GoPro camera?