Infographic: Using Technology to Stay Heart-Healthy

February is National Heart Month, according to the AHA. How many seniors will use technology to manage heart health this year? Read our iTOK Infographic!
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Feb 19, 2015

February has been designated National Heart Health Month by the American Heart Association. (Clever, considering the month's big holiday!) If you are a Bask member, you might've received a survey invite in your email about using technology to monitor heart health. Our goal was to discover how our Members use health monitoring devices, websites, and other digital helpers to stay heart-healthy. Many of you shed light on the subject with your answers! Thank you to everyone who took a few moments to complete our survey. We appreciate your time!

So what did we discover? Turns out, a lot. One third (30%) of our respondents currently use technology to manage their heart health. But a whopping 95% would use tech if it was recommended by their doctor, and 91% would use tech if it lowered their insurance costs!

Because the survey answers were so illuminating, we decided to create a second Bask infographic for this month to share these February findings. Do you use technology to manage heart health? Do you plan to in the near future? See how your answers stack up against the Member base.

Bask Infographic: February Survey #2


Download and print this Bask infographic here: February Heart Health Survey Infographic

If you would like to read over all of our findings, here is a summary in text:

How many older adults have been diagnosed with a heart condition?

  • Of the 135 respondents, 43% reported having been diagnosed with a heart health condition.

How many older adults take medication for their heart condition?

  • Not surprisingly, given the previous question's response, nearly 44% of our respondents take medication for a heart health condition.

How many older adults use technology to manage or monitor their heart health?

  • 30% of those who responded to our survey use technology to manage heart health.

What is the most common technology being used to monitor heart health?

  • Top 3: heart rate monitor and/or Pacemaker (28%), smart phone app (8%), and fitness tracker (5%).

What technology would older adults like to use to help stay heart-healthy?

  • Here's an interesting fact: though none of our respondents reported using a smart watch to monitor heart health, 5% reported that they would like to! 13% would like to use a smart phone app, and another 13% would like to use a fitness tracker.

Would you use technology to manage heart health if your doctor recommended it?

  • A stunning 95% said they would use tech if a doctor recommended it! Remember -- only 30% are currently using any tech to manage heart health.

Would you use technology to manage heart health if it lowered your insurance costs?

  • Again, a big turnout on this one, with 91% saying that they would use tech if it lowered insurance costs for them.

And finally: What would seniors like to do with health-monitoring technology?

  • Top 3: track vitals, communicate with doctors, and check progress. There is great potential in desktop and wearable technology to meet these needs!

If you'd like to learn more about using technology to monitor and manage your own heart health, ask your doctor or primary care professional about your options. You might be surprised at how sophisticated health devices have become! There are also plenty of websites and apps that can help you stay heart-healthy. You can always ask your Bask Technology Advisor for help when you set up a new tool or device, so call us any time.

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