Kindle Fire vs iPad 2

If you're in the market for a tablet, you've got great choices. We pitted the Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 to hopefully make your decision a little easier.
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Jan 11, 2012

Welcome! Today we're comparing the Kindle Fire to the iPad 2. These two tablets are the current winners in the industry, so let's go over what they each have to offer.

The iPad 2 is undoubtedly a brand that most people will immediately recognize. The iPad has been dominating the industry since its release, and the newest iteration is doing the same. The iPad offers an Apple-based platform that uses blazing-fast dual core processing, has a ten-hour battery life, an advanced iOS and access to the iCloud.

The Kindle Fire is the Android-based alternative to the iPad. Since it uses the Android platform, it can access many things that are restricted for Apple owners. This tablet utilizes many unique Amazon features to offer access to books, movies and apps on the marketplace.

The primary difference between the two lies within simplicity and access to different platforms (Kindle) versus amazing system specs combined with the power of Apple (iPad). The Kindle is much more affordable for the average person, while the iPad has the specifications and design that far dwarf the power of the Kindle.

When it comes down to it, each one of these tablets has something great to offer. While the Kindle is not going to unseat the iPad as the dominant force in the tablet market, it does offer a comparable experience for a much lower price. Essentially, people will have to measure the Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 themselves, based on what they really want.

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