Life Without The Internet

What would life be like today without the Internet? It’s an interesting question to consider. There would be no Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. No Google, Bing or Wikipedia. There wouldn’t even be email.
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Feb 08, 2013

What would life be like today without the Internet? It’s an interesting question to consider. There would be no Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. No Google, Bing or Wikipedia. There wouldn’t even be email. The Internet has become part of every single aspect of our life from relationships and communicating with family and friends, to education and business (all of us at Bask would be out of a job if there was no Internet). It’s safe to say that life would be extremely different with the World Wide Web, but how exactly would it be different?

We had a hard time trying to imagine an Internet-less world, so we decided to pose the question to our followers on Facebook and Twitter (of course we had to use the Internet to do this). Here is what we received.

These followers feel that either they or the world wouldn’t be able to handle not having the Internet:

Sydney, known on twitter as @SydneyyyGraceee stated “Life without the Internet would just be absolutely horrible. I cannot personally live one day without Twitter.”

Thomas, @thomascossey14 similarly replied “I don’t think anyone could survive without it to be honest.”

And @TylerGregory36 thinks “Honestly I don't think this world could make it without Internet”

Matthew @galligan_122 “The Internet is a global connection for business, social media, information, education ect. Without it the world would crumble!”

Other replied with comments that weren't as extreme, but they did feel no Internet would make life much more difficult, especially not being able to connect with others and access information as easily as we do today:

@ShinyyTweets Thinks that if there was no Internet, we wouldn't know what is happening around the world and that “Life would suck :P”

@jennyskes14 “In my opinion, nobody can deny the useful of the Internet in our life. It led people who had the same points to approach together… I think it's bridged the gap between human & human. The Internet provides to the people a huge fund of knowledge. Personally I'm a student & I use the Internet for many purposes education, communication, entertainment & commerce.”

Omar @Paxsonhr replied “In my opinion poor communications is a disaster for companies that import and export around the world, Internet is a tool today.”

@BenjaminArd feels we would be much less connected, “With the Internet we can know about friends and family that we otherwise speak with only on rare occasions.”

Some of our followers think that in some ways life would be worse, but in some ways life would be better:

Murray, @muzzlesH thinks “Society would have taken longer to develop as the Internet is an efficient communication tool. I think we’d be healthier though.”

David Kingrey, a Facebook follower replied, “As a tool of communication, media, and information it is revolutionary…however I do remember spending more time outside and less time arguing politics and religion before the Internet lol.”

Jamie Putnam Insocre, another Facebook follower similarly replied “ It would be pretty quiet, more people would spend time outside.

Without the Internet we definitely would spend more time outside. Maybe America’s health problems has more to do with the Internet than we ever thought?

Three of our followers felt that life would be altogether better:

Lynn, @faithJoyNLove explains, “Personally I believe it would be better!! In all and every area, from jobs to any form of relationships it’s [the Internet] taking over lives. Epidemics in depression & anxiety like never before I believe it stems from here. We weren’t created 4 cybership. Research means cut n paste meeting up means entering a chat room people hide their real selves, Predators included.”

Harry, @cow12377 simple thinks life without the Internet would be “Better so people wouldn’t be so fricking distracted.”

@SevenSilvasy put is this way, " If the Internet never existed, I think society as a "whole" would be benefit greatly from far more developed social & interpersonal skills…especially benefiting from a huge increase of face to face contact. For example, I feel there would be more "real like friendships" rather than that competitive obsession of how many "fake or imaginary friends one has on Facebook, etc"
Instead of spending hours updating one's "status of what he/she just ate for dinner, etc" hopefully people would be able to LIVE more "IN THE MOMENT" with face to face interactions."

And finally we have to finish with our favorite reply!

Ayesha, @ashy_washy_8 thinks “Life without the Internet would be like asentencewithoutspaces, a nerd without braces , a sneaker without laces and most importantly life without the Internet would be like a pencil without the nib…pointless”

Although we may never really know what life would be like today without the Internet, these comments have given us a glimpse into what the possibilities are. Hopefully we will never have to learn what it is like without the Internet by experience! We are grateful for the Internet and the amazing thing it allows us to do!

We want to say thanks to all of our followers for sharing their thoughts and ideas. Please leave us a comment and share what you think the world would be like without the Internet!