Microsoft's 2011 Year-in-Review

Microsoft had a groundbreaking year in 2011- including Skype and the Xbox Kinect. Explore the company's the year-in-review for 2011.
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Jan 03, 2012

Microsoft had a groundbreaking year in 2011. The company was able to further the world of technology and make progress in their mobile communications. Microsoft also bought Skype. The Xbox Kinect was named the fastest-selling consumer electronics device ever. They boasted many highs and lows throughout the year, so here is the year-in-review for Microsoft.

1. The Windows 7.5 Phone Hit the Market in 2011. Microsoft built a six-story phone in the middle of New York City to show users how the device would work. Users across the board raved about Microsoft’s smart phone and reviews continued to be positive about the design and the technology of the phone.

2. Bing enabled users to search social networks and get help from their friends on social networks. Looking for opinions on restaurants, movies from people that you know was made possible through Bing’s search engine.

3. Microsoft released Conversation Translator to allow Bing users to automatically translate instant messages while using Microsoft Lync.

4. The Xbox 360 Kinect released games for children with disabilities. The elimination of the controller allows many children that were not able to use gaming systems before to start using the gaming system.

5. Microsoft Lync enabled strides to be made in the way that blind children are taught. With teachers teaching through the Lync system students are able to take classes and learn well even without being able to see.

Microsoft has introduced and renovated many technologies throughout the year 2011. Consumers should look to 2012 with anticipation for what Microsoft will do next.