Is the New iPad Worth It? (Part 2)

Apple's releases are always shiny, new & tempting. But who would benefit most from this new incarnation of the iPad? Read our new iPad overview here.
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Mar 29, 2012

All right! Here's part 2 of our overview on the new iPad. After going over some basics, we answered with a decisive and brave "Maybe." Honestly, it will depend on your own situation.

The new iPad is an amazing device. It's so cool that we could write for a month about its improvements. There's a lot to this tablet, after all. The improvement in processing speed, graphical clarity, and camera are reason enough to be amazed.

That being said, it's not for everyone. There are two types of people who will get this: those who don't already have a tablet, and those who have a burning desire to own each new Apple release.

If you already have an iPad, simply upgrading a perfectly functional and elegant device for 500 bucks is not a desirable choice. Indeed, that may be the best way to sum up the new iPad. If you have to have it because of brand loyalty or because you haven't bought a tablet (gasp!), then the new iPad is completely worth it.

If you already have an iPad, then the offer may be less tempting. There is nothing in it so earth-shatteringly innovative that it demands an upgrade. It will be up to you, but our verdict is this: Buy it if you don't already have a tablet. But if you do... maybe wait for a price drop first.