Importance of Defragging your Hard Drive

One of the most important things you can do for your computer in order to ensure better performance is defragging the hard drive.
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Sep 28, 2011

One of the important things that people can do with their computer in order to ensure better performance is defragging their hard drive. This maintenance action is one that can be manually done at any time, in order to relieve any negative elements that might be slowing the computer.

Put simply, the common activities that people perform on their computers leave traces and elements of code that can build up in the hard drive of their computer. Additionally, code that was executed poorly or was broken can also develop there, as well as idle programs that are not in use.

Everything that one does o the computer can leave bits and pieces in storage, without the person ever knowing it. If these stored elements become unstable or clash with each other while on the hard drive, it can affect the speed and performance of their computer.

Defragging the hard drive removes these build up deposits and wipes that section of the drive in order to keep it working well. In order to start a defrag, people should open up their Control Panel, and select the Defragmentation program. Once loaded, the program will show how the drive space is partitioned and what is drawing from it.

Once the redundant elements have been located, then the person simply needs to run the program in order to flush them out and get rid of them. This will allow for the computer to return to best form.

While most operating systems will have the ability to automatically identify idle elements that are taking up space and take care of them, there are always anomalies. Manually going through and defragging the hard drive of your computer will allow for peace of mind, so that the computer can operate at full capacity for longer.