What I Wish I'd Known About Tech Support

Like most folks who grew up with the Internet, I like to think I know everything about technology. Then I started working for a tech support company.
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Written by Staff Writer • Posted on Apr 27, 2016

Like most folks who grew up with the Internet, I like to think I know everything about everyday technology. I've owned a couple laptops, and they behave very well until they get so old and bogged down that it's just easier to replace them. I'm wary of turning to tech support when I have issues. I've heard horror stories of call centers staffed by non-English speakers who are bound to strict scripts. I thought that tech support was just about one-time fixes.

Then I started working for a tech support company.

If I knew then what I know now about tech support, I bet I could have saved myself valuable time and money with those old laptops.

More than just a "quick fix"

At its core, tech support is still about repairing broken technology. But, with the number of connected devices rising rapidly in each home, the best companies are expanding their range of services to meet changing needs.

Bask now offers "all-in-one" tech support -- one phone number to call for help with any problem on any brand or device. Our Technology Advisors provide preventative maintenance and optimization so you don't face major problems in the future. Even so, accidents still happen, which is why we're always available to remove viruses and malware or update your systems and software. We even offer tiered service plans that come with virus protection, cloud-based data backup, identity protection, and free or discounted service calls.

This "all-inclusive" service is a convenience that businesses have had for years through in-house IT departments or contracted services. Now, forward-thinking companies are bringing it to the masses in a customized, affordable package.

Membership plans require monthly or yearly payments, but in the long run, you save hours and dollars by not having to shop around every time your computer breaks. Your technology will perform better and last longer, so you'll save on repairs and replacements, too. What I wish I'd known about tech support essentially boils down to this: having a trustworthy advisor on call doesn't mean I don't "get" technology. It means I value my time and my wallet enough to know that I deserve better!

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